For the past several years, we’ve worked with Wild Brush founder Julianne Mahoney to  bring you hand-made, sustainable, beautiful products that usually sell out in minutes.  Julianne is as passionate about craftsmanship and eco-friendly materials as she is about self evolution, spending time in nature, and fiercely advocating for those in need- and for the  wildest version of ourselves.  

Every Wild Brush product is made by Julianne and her team in the USA from sustainable,  USA-made material.  

“Wild Brush (formerly Dirt Chalk Bags) is on a mission to create gear as beautiful as the  places you adventure. We create gear that’s not only functional, but inspiring. Everything we  make is sustainable, and supports marginalized communities, artists, and other small  businesses.” 

After years of using under functioning and boring gear, Julianne decided it was time to combine her love of artwork and her passion for creating with her favorite activity. She  started experimenting with sewing chalk bags on her old childhood sewing machine in a Dodge caravan on a climbing trip up the West Coast. The brand Dirt Chalk bags was born.  

Her small brand quickly grew to a large, loyal following of climber-artists from all over the  world, working with dozens of small businesses and artist. It has become so much more than  a brand about climbing, hence the evolution of the name to encompass new products ranging  from art bags and fanny packs, to packing cubes and dopp kits.  

Wild Brush is a brand centered on being unapologetic about who you are. Thank you for  supporting Wild Brush!