We’ve worked with LOCALE for five years to bring you our colorful mesh back trucker hats  and ultra soft headbands. Our headbands are made from 100% recycled materials and come  packaged in eco bags. I have loved working with LOCALE and you can find my hats in shops  all over the country thanks to them!  

“LOCALE Outdoor (previously known as Cirque Mountain Apparel) produces Locally  Inspired Apparel based in Vail, Colorado. We create apparel that brings to life the  destinations, passions, and brands that define you. We are inspired with a purpose, to  support, protect, and preserve the environment and communities that make our lifestyles  possible. LOCALE empowers our consumers to join our initiative to give back through our  Buy to Give program.


The “Buy to Give” program is an opportunity for the LOCALE Outdoor community to  support the organizations that make our lifestyles possible. Any consumer who purchases  one of our hats anywhere in the world contributes to LOCALE’s efforts to give back to  charities fundraising efforts by donating 1% of total beanie sales in custom beanies to our  charitable partners. 

Each product sold enables members of our community to give back in a direct and meaningful way.”