The Rachel Pohl Art brand is about falling in love with life over and over again, every day. It’s about slowing down to marvel at wildflowers tucked in a mountain cirque, summer nights beneath the stars, and alpenglow on snowy peaks. It’s about living colorfully, creatively, curiously, and fully awake. About caring for the planet through eco-friendly products and responsible manufacturing. The Rachel Pohl Art brand is loving yourself unconditionally and living a wholehearted life true to who you were meant to be.

Rachel Pohl is not only a world renown artist and adventurer, she is a writer who creates commonality and community with her words. She is passionate about the environment and protecting the fragile ecosystems we love to immerse ourselves in. Rachel recognizes that in order to care about such places we have to fall in love with them first. Therefore, her colorful landscape paintings focus on that feeling of awe, wonder, and joy that arise while in nature, in the hopes of instilling a sense of urgency to protect wild places. She is also a self-proclaimed humanitarian who fiercely believes in equality and equity for all and is known for donating a portion of sales from this shop in conjunction with current events.

From the artist:

“My detailed and meticulous paintings reflect who I am as a person. I fill each and every day with a determination to create a positive impact on the world around me. Through painting, creating, writing, and how I live my life, everything is vibrant, abundant, and thoughtful. I waste no time because time cannot be wasted if we use the experience wisely, no matter how challenging the experience.

I am fascinated by how we can rewire our brains to create better habits, become more compassionate, and ultimately change the direction of our life in any moment. My brand is here not only to bring beauty to your life, but to challenge you to be the best version of yourself possible. To envision dreams for yourself that are far larger than you can even imagine right now.

This path I have chosen has never been easy, but I believe it will always be worth it. And I know that anyone who is brave enough to venture beyond the comforting arms of what is socially comfortable will also be fiercely proud of setting themselves free.”

- Rachel Pohl