Tattoo Token! // Digital Download


If you would like to get a tattoo of my existing artwork, I would be so honored!! Show support of my work by purchasing this Tattoo Token, and you will be sent a digital download to print out and bring to your tattoo appointment, that serves as a permission slip to use my work for this specific purpose.


Artist (from painters to ceramic artist to tattoo artists!) LOVE to support one another, and also to have their world compensated for :) 

If you have already gotten my work tattooed in the past, I would super appreciate if you bought a token retroactively! Thank you so much!! 

A tattoo token is a way to support an artist's work while granting permission to use it for a personal tattoo! Tattoo tokens are not commercial licenses and do not give the purchaser permission to reproduce their designs in any format, just as a single tattoo.