Moon Phases // Hat // Forest


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Your Moon Phases Hat will become one of your favorite hats of all time. This hat is soft, comfortable and fully adjustable thanks to a leather and metal strap closure. With white moon phase embroidery on the front and “rachel pohl art” embroidery on the back, this hat will look as good the day you put it on as it will in years, becoming soft and more vintage looking with time. I would know because I had the same hat with a brewery logo for years and had to reach out to the company that makes them to create my own!!

The phases of the moon symbolize the passage of time, feminine energy, wisdom, change, and also remind us of nights spent camping out under the stars. The moon is a reminder that the sun is always shining even when we cannot see it. My logo is a crescent moon for these same reasons.

This hat also comes in Indigo blue.