Emigrant Peak // Giclee Paper Print


I painted "Emigrant Peak" on the banks of the Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley on two long days with a few days in the studio in between. Plein air painting brought the added element of shifting light, hot sun, wind, and bugs to the already tough equation of mixing colors, defining composition, and creating form. This painting shows a still-snowy Emigrant Peak rising behind a row of cottonwood trees, and the Yellowstone River swirls by beneath billowing clouds. Just beyond Emigrant peak, is the Roosevelt arch, probably the most iconic entrances to a National Park, in Gardiner, MT.

The 9x18" original paper print comes packaged in a crystal-clear bag with cardboard backing and is signed by the artist. 20x40" print comes in a cardboard tube with a 1.5" white border. 2017.