Elk Antler // Earrings


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Handmade by one of the oldest, most well-established silversmith smithies in Sweden, these lifelike yet stylized elk antler earrings will have you dreaming of elk bugling in autumn fields, or grazing in the mountain meadows of summer.

If you love elk, looking for antlers, hearing the haunting bugle of bulls in the fall, or elk hunting, these are the earrings for you! For me, these conjure up listening to the sounds of elk bulging outside my window in autumn my entire childhood. I love that they can be worn three ways- either with the antler covering your ear lobe or hanging down vertically (which you can change between left and right, depending on your preferences!) These are most unique and versatile of our earrings.

SIZING: 2.5cm long and 2mm thick, peg design. Peg comes out 9mm from the end and is 1cm long, silver stopper on back. 


Silver Jewelry Care:

Our jewelry is made from 1925 sterling silver that is nickel-free. It is so beautiful that you will want to wear it all the time, so here’s what you need to know to make it last as long as possible.

Sterling silver oxidizes (grows darker) over time due to the exposure of different environments, which is completely normal and to be expected!

If your jewelry becomes dark over time and you wish to revive the bright, shiny, look, simply polish it up with silver polish, which typically takes minutes. You can use a silver polish cloth (remember to be gentle, especially with delicate earring pegs!) or soak it in liquid silver polish, and rinse off well afterwards before wearing.

If you would like your silver jewelry to oxidize at a slower pace, ie, stay shiny and bright silver for longer, then we recommend you take care of it by following these simple steps!

  • Keep your box so you can store your jewelry in there when not in use.
  • Clean your jewelry often to get rid of grease, sweat, makeup, sunscreen, etc.
  • Don’t wear the jewelry surfing, swimming (in salt water or chlorine!)
  • Don't sleep in your jewelry (though you can, I have done it!)

TIP: Please be gentle with your earring pegs! Always handle gently, store in the box it came with or another jewelry-specific box, especially while traveling. Do not just stick your earrings in a pocket or bag! If for whatever reason your earring peg becomes bent, you can bend it back but go as slowly and gently as possible!!!! I

*** If you would like your antlers to contour to your ear in the "climbing" ie. up the earlobe style, carefully, slowly bend it to the shape of your ear. Be as gentle as you can, go very slow, and don't bend the peg!!