Big Sky Bison // Giclee Paper Print


Bring the feeling of summer in the West to your home with this “Big Sky Bison” archival giclee print. This piece was crafted in this very spot and in my home studio. Every detail was lovingly created from rich greens, grays, browns, and blues, from the lashes on the bison’s gleaming eye to each couloir and snow patch, tree, and blade of grass.

“Big Sky Bison” honors the conservation efforts that has allowed bison to exist today, after they were nearly exterminated in the 1880s, when only 100 remained after the slaughter of millions in the 19th century. The bison is the official National Mammal of the United States as of 2016, a symbol of wild places and wildlife conservation.

The 12x18” print comes shipped in a crystal clear bag with 100% recycled cardboard backing in a 100% recycled envelope. The 18x27” and 24x36” prints have a 1.5” white boarder and come shipped in a cardboard tube. September 2018. The original has sold.