We’ve been making custom hats with Ambler for several years now. Using materials from  OKEO-TEX certified, recycle fleece to eco canvas and organic cotton, Ambler’s vision of a  more sustainable way of doing business aligns with our own. 

I’ve become good friends with the owners of Ambler and can say they truly care about  everyone they work with. We’ve been able to make some pretty creative hats together and  plan on doing so for many, many years!  

“We believe that small companies like Ambler can make a big difference through the choices  we make in how we produce and package our products. The clothing and fashion industry  have a very bad track record for their contributions to global carbon emissions. Thankfully,  there is a growing number of clothing companies that are looking to create a new way  forward for the industry. 

We view sustainability as an ongoing process that can always be improved upon. For us, it is  about making continuous steps in the right direction so that over the course of our time in  business our small changes add up to making a big difference. 

Our hats are made in our home province of British Columbia. We've worked with the same  family-owned factory for over 15 years to produce our hats. Domestic production is better  for the environment because it eliminates the need to transport materials and finished goods  around the globe. 

Working together with other small businesses to produce our hats and shirts in Canada  brings us an incredible sense of satisfaction and joy. 

In a world where it seems like only big corporations survive and thrive, we feel like we're  making a dent in the universe for small apparel brands.” 

Ambler is both climate neutral and a member of 1% for the Planet.