Torres Del Paine // Giclee Paper Print


Bring the magnificence of Patagonia to your home with this archival paper print!

I started this after a trip to Chilean Patagonia one summer. In 140 hours, I built up layers of detail with rich indigo, glassy aqua, glowing magenta, and vibrant emerald hues. A soaring Andean Condor flies over the Milky Way, which lights up the glowing pink and purple lake below "Towers of Blue" or "Torres Del Paine." The forms are all real and accurate, while the colors are a fanciful interpretation inspired by one night in particular on my trip to the Torres Del Paine region of the park.

The original painting is 36x48" (please email us at for pricing information).

The 6x8" and 12x16" prints come in a crystal-clear bag with 100% recycled cardboard backing, while the 18x24" and 24x36" prints have a 1.5" white border and come rolled in a cardboard tube.