Rainier Twilight // Giclee Paper Print


The first light of a pink dawn illuminates Mount Rainier as the sunrise chases stars from an indigo sky filled with glowing clouds. Aqua glacial cracks and crevasses dot the snowy peak, and a litany of elaborate spires and snow patches are lovingly detailed in the hill country below. I started this painting during a four-hour plein air session from up on a mountain on Chinook pass. We skinned up to our vantage point, painted, then skied down. The next morning, we skied up to Camp Muir on Rainier and the sunrise we witnessed influenced the change in color palate.

9x12” and 12x16" limited edition prints arrive in a 100% recycled paper mailer and come packaged in a crystal-clear bag with 100% recycled cardboard backing. The 18x24" print has a 1.5" white boarder and comes rolled in a cardboard tube.

9x12” and 12x16” are limited to 100 prints each. 18x24” is limited to 50 prints.

June 2019.