Red Paintbrush // 4" Noso Repair Patch


If you’ve ever “ruined” an expensive puffy jacket, ripped a hole in your tent, gotten a stain on your gore tex parka that won’t come out, OR you simply wanted to spruce up your backpacking pack or favorite techy hiking shorts… you’ve probably been dismayed at how few options there are to remedy such woes.

Noso patches are the perfect way to not only fix your outdoor gear so it can last many years longer, but to beautify them as well!

This flower is from Rachel's original painting "Autumn Hyalite Peak" now available as this practical and beautiful flower patch!  

Simply follow the included instructions for how to heat-apply this patch to your outdoor gear, JEANS, or just about anything else (fabrics with less stretch work best), and brighten up your life!! You will be able to use, wash, and wear your gear for many many years without worrying about your patch peeling off, unlike unsightly duct tape ;)

  • Patch is 4” Tall

  • Made in the USA by Jackson Hole company Noso Patches

  • Original artwork by Rachel Pohl 

  • Environmentally conscious product

  • Sure to make you smile!!