PLANS+DREAMS // 2024 Journal + Planner Bundle // 50% off!! ❄️

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The ultimate way to welcome in 2024. Designed to be used together, these books are the perfect companion to your growth this coming year. Made in the USA and printed on 100% recycled paper. 

Is your growth, happiness, and purpose worth $2 a week? Or is it worth 10x that??

Well you can change your life with the use of these books, without investing thousands! Support yourself, your growth, peace, inner child, biggest dreams, creativity, and so much more with this duo of books that were designed to nurture your heart and expand what you think is possible so you can live your best year yet. 

Why get both books? 

The Purpose Planner is for unlocking your potential and giving you purpose and joy every day by working on quarterly goals, organizing and spending your time more mindfully, and knowing who you really are. This will become part of your morning routine: planning out your precious time so you can spend it as well as you can. There are quarterly reflection sections so you can check in on your four quarterly goals we set together, as well as and monthly reflections, weekly planning, and so much more. 

The ReWilding Journal is a safe space to get your thoughts out on paper, write about what happened, and get creative and tune in with the cosmos and nature. It is more free flowing. It will become part of your evening and weekend routine, where you wind down for the day with writing about your day and then doing a fun prompt over the weekend. 

The two work nicely together because they are very yin and yang. You could think of the ReWilding journal as being more feminine, introspective, and represented by the moon (our body and emotions), while the Purpose Planner is more masculine (we all have and need both in us), output focused, and represented by the sun (our personality and how we show up in the world). They don't really overlap, even when when and how you can work with them. They were created to be two halves of a whole, and work in harmony together so you can nurture your inner world and also create outward growth!! 

Intrigued, but not sure if these are the books for you? 

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