Trillium Reflections // Giclee Paper Print


Bring home late summer, Oregon evenings with this print! Mount Hood glows in the last light of day, reflected in Trillium Lake. The original “Trillium Reflections” was painted on reclaimed barn wood. This archival giclee paper print honors the original material by leaving a white boarder around the printed area to show the rounded corners of the wood. Choose from the 6x8” or 8x10” archival giclee print. The 6x8” print has a 5x6.5” printed area and the 8x10” print has a 8.25"X6.25” printed area. October 2018.

Viewed from Trillium Lake, Mt. Hood rises into a sky full of implied movement. A few streaks of cloud and part of the lake surface were intentionally left blank, and the wood surface that shows though brings depth to the piece.