The Moon // Lilac Long Sleeve


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This long sleeve tee is full of magic, symbolism, and ancient wisdom. 

Printed in Bozeman by Front Line Design, this heavyweight, garment dyed long sleeve tee is durable, mystical, and beautiful. Order your normal size for a relaxed fit (unisex styling) or size up for that oversized look. Rachel is wearing the M. 100% cotton. Perfect for summer road trips! 

ARTWORK MEANING: The moon (with the sun’s rays reaching out around it) represents represents the physical body and emotions. The third eye in the center of the moon is about a spiritual awakening, and meeting your higher self. The mushrooms are about community: the fruiting body of a mushroom is all we really see, yet mycelial networks span vast areas, and communicate not only with other mushrooms but with other plants as well. The living soil is a metaphor for our lives- we are all deeply connected and dependent on one another in the most beautiful way, and we must learn to see that.

The trees tell a story of being rooted and grounded in order to grow tall, and withstand storms. The deeper they grow as time passes, the stronger the trees become. The moon phases remind us that there are times to rest and plant seeds and time to do and manifest. Time is ever changing and evolving, just like us.  The very shape of the artwork is is based on a Tarot Card, another favorite reflection and divination tool that is all about inner guidance, taking responsibility of our lives, and trusting the universe. The dreamlike nature of this design is all about imagining something beyond what we thought was possible. 

May this beautiful lilac long sleeve tee remind you that everything is connected and we are always part of nature. 

SIZING: true to size unisex, relaxed fit. Refer to garment measurements below. Rachel is wearing a M and Mattie is wearing a small. 

Photos of Rachel and Mattie by Axel Peterson