Balsamroot // Brush Roll


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Carry your paintbrushes (or pencils, or makeup, or whatever you'd like) with you wherever you go with this hand made brush roll printed with our vibrant Balsamroot pattern. 

Made by Wild Brush, these brush rolls are works of art in and of themselves! 12 brush slots that are roomy enough to hold a few brushes, plus an additional white band to accommodate more/ larger brushes, you'll want to use this cute brush roll in the studio and on your plein air missions! 

The pattern comes from Rachel's massive painting called "Midsummer Tetons" so each flower was hand painted, then "cut out" to create this truly beautiful pattern. 

  • 12x5x9.5" 
  • Holds up to 24 brushes+ 
  • Made in the USA by Wild Brush