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This planner is about making time for the little moments that mean a lot to you and prioritizing your personal growth.  It is about living with more intention and purpose so you live more days where you truly feel like you. Together we set four quarterly goals so this year has you feeling as aligned and empowered as possible. 

This offering is so much more than a planner - it is a journey into creating purpose in your days through uncovering what really lights you up, building trust with yourself, and choosing goals that make you want to leap out of bed every morning. This 370 page workbook is absolutely magical and will transform your 2024. Click through the images for a sneak peek. A few details: 

  • Hardcover with black fabric and white embossing (hot foil stamping) that looks creative, a bit mystical, and eye catching!
  • 6x8.5" and 1.34" thick
  • 370 cream recycled paper pages
  • Made in the USA! 
  • Glued binding 
  • Will lay more flat than the 2023 version but is not a layflat (sewn) design 
  • 23 Full color pages of original paintings and photos 

This unique and powerful planner took almost 400 hours of love and intention to create from scratch, and it really shows. From the daily to do list templates to the goal setting and habit tracking pages, this planner will elevate your life and cultivate self trust and love.

The 2024 planner is perfect for you if you need a bit more organization in your life and hope to set some goals that mean something to your soul to shift your energy to a place of higher alignment and purpose in 2024.

We start with an intro section that will help you start the year with clarity on who you are and what matters most to you, so you can set goals that spark so much joy and meaning for you every day. This book is about reaching for your dreams and making progress on them, and was made for those who crave freedom (which is, surprisingly, found through structure!) and want to achieve big dreams.  

Within the pages you will find:

  • Two days per page daily to do lists with intention for the day, gratitude section, priorities for the day, and a check box for every line.
  • Weekends and weekdays have the same amount of space!
  • Mini timeblocking template on each to do list so you can pencil in appointments 
  • Daily pages were created after 30+ different failed attempts, until I landed on this, which I think is the perfect to do list!!
  • Tools and methods based on the latest behavior psychology and neurobiology
  • Structure that will actually help you set and keep your quarterly goals that you will work on for 13 weeks 
  • Habit tracker each month and why it matters to you
  • Guidance so you can clear on your goals and make them happen! Your goals can be about whatever you want!
  • A look at the whole week ahead for a quick planning moment
  • Quotes throughout to motivate and inspire you to keep working on your dreams! 
  • Monthly reflection of life in general (questions are based on the astrology but work perfectly even if you know nothing about it as there is no direct reference)
  • Quarterly reflection questions, so you can look back on your goals and growth!
  • There’s space to set an audacious goals each quarter and concrete tools for actually making them happen.
  • Planning page so you can schedule in when you are going to work on your goal each quarter
  • Monthly budget sheets in the back that can be used per month or for trips 
  • Memories log so you can capture your favorite moments!
  • Blank pages in the back, just in case. 

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