Blue Baker //Giclee Paper Print


This piece will remind you of bluebird days in the Pacific North West. Originally painted on reclaimed barn wood, your “Blue Baker” print still offers up the same warmth and vibrant color. Viewed from Burrows Bay, Mount Baker rises proudly from the forest and sea. The sky and water were intentionally left blank, and fissures in the wood surface are reminiscent of streaking clouds and moving water.

Choose from the 6x8” or 8x10” archival giclee print, both have a WHITE BOARDER around the printed area of the piece, showcasing the rounded edges of the wood it was painted upon. The 6x8” print has a 5x6.5” printed area and the 8x10” print has a 8.25"X6.25” printed area.

I also have a few blemished prints that are not perfect due to a printing issue. There are subtle smudges on the white boarders that are cosmetic, but don’t allow the prints to be sold at their full price. Painted in October 2018.