Arctic Dreams // Fleece 5 Panel Hat


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If you don’t have a fleece 5-panel yet… you’re missing out! And if you already have one of our other fleece hats you know just how great they are. 

This hat is softer than your favorite cozy fleece, is completely packable, and will be your favorite hat for winter adventures, spring ski touring, summer nights around the campfire, and around town. It will keep your head warm without overheating, and fills that gap in your outdoor wardrobe between summer hats and winter beanies.

Recycled fleece and microfiber sublimated, merrowed-edge patch artwork of a whimsical cabin coupled with a black webbing clip back make this an ethical and stylish option.

The most perfect rose pink the color of winter alpenglow skies, a soft, quick drying black brim, and beautiful artwork of Rachel’s original Arctic Dreams painting combine to make a one of a kind style you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, it’s never itchy, is machine washable on a delicate cycle, and you probably don’t have one of these yet so what are you waiting for?!?